Spicy Breakfast Potatoes with Sunny Side Up Egg

Last weekend we drove up and visited my Dad before he headed out to his cabin property to mow and harvest potatoes. He promised me "a few buckets" of potatoes and since I still had about 5lbs from our last harvest I knew it I needed to use them up. I love making brunch for late Sunday mornings so I simmered a pot of cinnamon apples, brewed a carafe of coffee in our Keurig and decided to fry breakfast potatoes to serve topped with sunny side up eggs. There are a lot of ways to cook breakfast potatoes but I like to make ours spicy, especially … [Read more...]

Hello Fall

It's officially the first day of fall but here in West Virginia it started looking like fall a few weeks ago. I was sitting in my office when I glanced out the window and saw the leaves on one of the maple trees had turned red. It's so beautiful here during this season as everything changes. In fact, West Virginia is known as one of the most scenic states in the US so I'm fortunate to be here.  I'm making plans to hit up a few fall festivals this year because I want to take advantage of outdoor time before winter arrives. It's our first … [Read more...]

Savory Tomato Soup

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine My husband loves to tell this story about his great-aunt spending the afternoon making him potato soup only to put the bowl in front of him and hear him exclaim, "I wanted the red kind!" He confused tomato soup with potato soup and caused quite a stir. I tease him now when I make soup and ask, "Do you want potato soup or the red kind?" even though he definitely knows the difference.  Around this time of year we always have an overwhelming amount of tomatoes … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Stress-Free Homemaking

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine In June of this year I started working from home full-time (for my career, not the blog). I moved out of state, started working remote, and suddenly found myself struggling to balance work life and home life. Homemaking shifted to the top of my list of priorities because I now spend almost all of my time at home. It's been hard to build a routine that allows me to manage my time effectively. At times it was overwhelming to walk out of home office for my lunch break and see … [Read more...]

How I Care For My Dry Skin with Aveeno®

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TimeWithAveeno #CollectiveBias When we still lived down south I never had any skincare worries. I mean, never, and I have put my skin through a lot of trauma over the last few years. I moved from a beachside town in Florida to a northern Alabama town in the Tennessee Valley. Then, we turned around and moved back to the beach only to leave for Atlanta, GA a couple of years later. Today we are settled into the mountains of West Virginia. … [Read more...]

22 Things to Eat This Fall Besides Pumpkin (and How to Eat Them)

I like pumpkin as much as any normal person but the pumpkin obsession that strikes every fall has become too much. Once I saw pumpkin-spice scented toilet paper I knew that we, as a society, had crossed the line. Who needs their toilet paper to smell like pumpkin spice? Better question - who is smelling their toilet paper? Y'all...seriously? It's too much. In fact, if I didn't know any better I'd think that pumpkin was the end all be all of fall. There are other things to eat during this beautiful season and some of them are actually … [Read more...]

Sweet Potato Casserole with Pecans

The smell of baked sweet potatoes is enough to evoke some serious family memories for me. Why? Glad you asked! Even though my family moved to Florida when I was young we continued to visit West Virginia every year. We'd drive up (18+ hours!) every November so the guys could go deer hunting and we could spend Thanksgiving with family. One of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes is sweet potato casserole. I know we're still two months away from Thanksgiving  but don't fault me for being inspired early. Plus, I've just been seriously craving sweet … [Read more...]

Hash Brown Cups with Baked Eggs

One of these days I'm going to raise my own chickens just so I can gather my own eggs. If there is anything I seem to be constantly running out of, it's eggs. I can buy two or three dozen at a time and still, before I know it, I'm using my last one. This morning, I used my last one (or last six really) on these hash brown cups with baked eggs. They take a bit of time (about an hour)  but they are so simple that they are still a go-to item for breakfast or brunch. They only take one bowl and a muffin tin to make and you can eat them with … [Read more...]