How to Properly Season a Cast Iron Skillet

A little over 10 years ago I inherited the small cast iron skillet featured in today's photos. I have about 8 cast iron skillets, of various sizes, but this one is the most important to me. This particular one has been in my family for three generations now (I'm #3). It came to me after my aunt passed away from a brain tumor and it's something I deeply cherish. For the first few years I didn't dare use it. Instead, I hung it on the wall in my kitchen as something to be admired but never used. I eventually got over that. As the years passed I … [Read more...]

Irish Potato Soup

Growing up I always heard that my mom's side of the family was Irish and Native American. I've traced her family tree back to the early 1800's and, so far, I haven't found any evidence to either of those claims. What I have found is that my ancestors, on both sides of my family, all resided right here in West Virginia. Since West Virginia was settled by Scots-Irish, German, and Italian immigrants it's entirely possible I have some Irish blood. One day I hope to prove it so I can say that I come by my potato obsession honest.  I have … [Read more...]

Over the Hills and Far Away by Matthew Dennison (Book Review)

Until reading Over the Hills and Far Away by Matthew Dennison I, admittedly, only knew of Beatrix Potter as the author of The Tale of Peter Rabbit. As it turns out, she wrote and published over 30 tales and books. I'd heard of some of them but have never actually read them. Or, if I have read them it was so long ago I can't remember when. Despite not knowing much about Beatrix Potter, I do love a good biography and the cover of this one caught my eye a few months back as I was browsing Edelweiss. I even put it on my summer reading list roundup. … [Read more...]

On DACA, Faith, and Our Trust in God

Every day there's a new huge story to follow and it's hard to keep up. There's Mueller's investigation, tensions with North Korea, Hurricane Harvey, wildfires, Hurricane Irma, and so on. Although I'm doing my best to follow them all it's DACA that has captured my attention lately. It may be because I remember going to school in south Florida and having a lot of immigrant friends and classmates. It's also possible it's due to the very diverse culture in my work environment. I like to think it's just because I'm a decent human being who knows how … [Read more...]

Honey Walnut Breakfast Loaf

My favorite thing about fall isn't sweaters, boots, or pumpkin spice lattes, it's baking. I bake all year round but it's more acceptable in the fall when the weather is cooling down and the warmth from the oven is more welcomed. This time of year I'm always baking cookies, cakes, and pies as I try to figure out what I'll be bringing to the holiday parties that are sure to be starting soon. The other night my husband mentioned wanting to try baking mini-pies in cupcake pans so that'll be on the horizon soon. First though, I dug out my breakfast … [Read more...]

3 Movies to Watch for International Day of Charity

This post includes affiliate links which help support Honey & Pine Hey guys! Did you know that tomorrow (Sept 5th) is the International Day of Charity? Well, it is and I hope you're planning to take part. This year the people in Texas could really use our help as they work to heal from the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. If you're so inclined, you can donate to the Red Cross and help them as they provide support to Texans in need. The International Day of Charity was created as a way to promote and recognize charity and its role … [Read more...]

Cinnamon Apple Overnight Oats with a Praline Almond Crumble

When I was growing up oatmeal was always a breakfast staple. My mom would frequently make oatmeal with brown sugar and bananas. I'd eat it on toast almost like an oatmeal sandwich, haha. It was so good! These days I rarely make a pot of oatmeal for breakfast but I have fallen hard for overnight oats. They can be prepared the night before in about 5 minutes and they are ready to eat as soon as you wake up. What's not to love about that?  It's almost fall and right about now is when all of our local farmers are opening up their orchards … [Read more...]

How to Help Someone Feeling Suicidal

It's September 1st! Fall is almost here and all over the internet today people are rejoicing over the thought of sweater weather and pumpkin spice lattes. While I can't blame them, there's something far more important that I want to talk about today. The month of September is officially recognized as National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, National Preparedness Month, Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and National School Success Month. While all of those topics are very important, I want to talk about National Suicide … [Read more...]