I Cyber-Trashed So Much Digital Clutter

Last week I read a powerful blog post that sent me off on a major binge to declutter my digital life. The post talked about how being busy has become a new status symbol; as though we value our personal worth based on how busy we are compared to others. I mean, how many times do you sit around with your family and friends and hear someone going on and on ... Read the Post

Save the Earth: It’s the Only One with Coffee

Happy Earth Day (on Sunday)! I want to share a few Earth Day tips that can help you become more eco-conscious without going crazy with it. We do our best to be eco-conscious and aware of our impact on the environment but I try not to become too consumed with it. As much as we'd love to be we're just not at a place in our lives where we can do things ... Read the Post

Personal Fear 19: My House Smells Like Dog

I've been so happy this week! Spring is finally arriving so the weather has been nice and warm which is a great time to air out your house if you've kept it behind closed doors and windows all winter. We have flowers popping up all over our neighborhood and we've spotted a lot of deer, rabbits, and chipmunks which has inspired me to buy a quality ... Read the Post

Mindful Thoughts from the Trails

I was starting to feel like spring was never going to show up this year but we finally had a warm weekend! We have had temperatures in the 80's for the past few days which has meant a lot of outdoor time for us. My dogs can't handle the winter temperatures for too long so we spent most of the winter indoors. We had to get creative with indoor games to ... Read the Post

Bible Verses about Faith

Lately, we've had to turn a lot in our lives over to God and trust that He is up to something and that He has a plan for what we're going through so I thought it would be a good time to share some of my favorite Bible verses about faith.  Faith is a funny thing, you know? You can't prove it and it's not tangible yet it's there in our lives every day. ... Read the Post

Safe Garden-Fresh People Food for Dogs

Has anyone else started their garden already? This year I'm focusing on growing some people food for dogs as well as our own edibles so I can mix some homegrown healthy vegetables into our pup's diets. They've been doing great on their grain-free diet but I want to include more straight-from-our-garden veg in their bowls this year too. It's a huge priority ... Read the Post