How to Choose a Houseplant That’s Right for You

Lately, I've been obsessing over updating our home for spring and sorting through rows and rows of plants at the local nursery so we can choose a houseplant that's right for our guest bathroom. I feel like I'm leaning toward a spider plant because it's so undemanding when it comes to natural light and our bathroom has exactly zero windows in it. Spider ... Read the Post

My Biggest Parenting Fears…Exposed

We're not parents (yet) but I have a lot of parenting fears about the day we finally do become parents. Yes, I still have hope and throughout our infertility struggles, there has been one verse that has kept me strong in hope and faith - "If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, ask whatever you wish, and it will be done for you." - John 15:7. It has ... Read the Post

Chipotle Veggie Pizza Appetizers

We love pizza (who doesn't, right?) and these chipotle veggie pizza appetizers have quickly become one of our favorite ways to indulge at home. They make it so easy to get dinner on the table and help us make sure we're eating the veggies we have piled up in the kitchen.  I use Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for the crust of these veggie pizza appetizers ... Read the Post

The Grocery List Process That Helps Me Actually Remember Everything I Need

How many times have you gone to the grocery store only to get home and realize you forgot at least one major thing you needed? Too many? Yeah, same here and I did it again just a couple of days ago. It has been raining so much in West Virginia lately and I've been trying to avoid going out more than necessary. The roads are slick, some are flooded with ... Read the Post

How We Found Happiness in Charleston, West Virginia

I can remember once upon a time being ashamed of telling people I was from West Virginia. It's always been a state deeply rooted in poverty-stricken stereotypes. Any time I would mention that I had been born in West Virginia the jokes would start - jokes about incest, ignorance, poverty, poor health, or the Hatfields & McCoys. Eventually, people started ... Read the Post

A – Z Date Night Ideas to Get You Out of a Rut

It's less than a week until Valentine's Day! Although, this year Brandon and I won't be doing much to celebrate it. He's been sick and last night our dog started throwing up which also kept me up all night. I've been playing nursemaid for over a week and honestly, all I want for Valentine's Day this year is a healthy family and sleep. I may bust out our ... Read the Post