Black Sheep Burrito & Brew in Charleston, WV

Did y’all know it’s International Beer Day?! Whoop! I know that we don’t actually need a dedicated day to have an excuse to enjoy a beer but it doesn’t hurt, right? Besides, I’ll take any excuse to celebrate random holidays and scope out new places. When I first realized International Beer Day was coming up I started searching around Charleston, WV to see if there were any local breweries I could visit. That’s when I discovered Black Sheep Burrito + Brews. The Black Sheep Burrito restaurant used to sit next door to The Charleston Brewery but bought them out a few months ago. Now, the restaurant brews their own beer in-house. It was such a cool experience and definitely the perfect place to get ready for this holiday. 

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew in Charleston, WV

International Beer Day was founded in 2007 by the Association of California Brewers and has become an international event observed in more than 50 countries. There are three stated goals of International Beer Day:

  • Appreciate brewers and servers
  • Enjoy the taste of all beers
  • Unite the world under the banner of beer

While I was at Black Sheep Burrito + Brews I was able to convince Ross, the Brewmaster, to hold a FB Live with me to talk about their in-house brews. If you missed it live, you can check it out right here…

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew in Charleston, WV

Brandon and I then sat down and ate one of the best dinner’s we have since arriving in Charleston, WV. Y’all, we ate so much!!! We didn’t know what to try so we decided to try it all. What started out as a sampling turned into an overindulgence of nachos, queso, guacamole, fire-roasted salsa, street corn, tacos, quesadillas, and a huge slice of german chocolate cake. Seriously…I basically waddled out of the place, haha.

Kevin, the GM, told me they make everything in-house other than the chips and tortillas and you can totally tell. The food was damn delicious! Every bite left Brandon and I mumbling, “Oh my god…” over and over again. We also fought over the street corn. It was literally the best corn on the cob I’ve ever tasted in my life. I asked their on-duty chef how it’s made and she said it’s a covered in a creamy chile-lime butter, grilled, then topped with queso crumbles. I didn’t say it but in my head all I was thinking was, “Can I just have a bucket of this and a shovel? Please?” Seriously. So good. So, so, so good. I’m also determined to figure out how they make that chile-lime butter because I need that in my life.

As for the tacos – don’t even get me started. Brandon’s vegetarian so he ordered the asparagus taco, roasted beet taco, and fried avocado taco. They were all good but I had all the heart eyes over that asparagus taco! When I saw it on the menu I thought it was a bit weird. Asparagus tacoReally? Yes, REALLY. It’s fresh-grilled asparagus with a sriracha-honey glaze, pickled onions & fried wontons. I don’t even like onions but I devoured this taco. It was fresh and sweet with just the right amount of spicy from the sriracha. Brandon offered me one bite but after one bite I refused to give it up. 

I mean, can I just eat street corn and asparagus tacos for the rest of my life? SO good.

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew in Charleston, WV

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew in Charleston, WV

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew in Charleston WV

When we had finished eating (and packed up our german chocolate cake dessert to-go), the GM offered us a tour of the on-site brewery. Y’all, it was awesome! You can see the brewery through glass-paned walls while you’re sitting at the bar. I was just trying to snap a few quick pictures when he offered to walk us through there. You never say no to a behind-the-scenes tour so we headed back to check out the machinery; the supply of barley, hops, and yeast; and the barrels (which you can see in the video I shared above). 

He also shared a hilarious story about a time they had a mistake with one of the machines and cooked up a storm cloud inside the restaurant. Lol. I wish I’d have been able to taste what was on tap after that night. 

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew

Black Sheep Burrito and Brew

There is no doubt Brandon and I found our new favorite place in Charleston, WV in Black Sheep Burrito + Brews. If you are ever in or around the area, you must stop in for a bite and a brew! You’ll probably see us there, I imagine we’ll be there a lot.

In honor of International Beer Day, I hope you scope out local breweries in your area as well. Call them up, request a tour, and head in for a beer sampling. You never know what unique concoction they might have on the menu. We’ll be there tonight because Brewmaster Ross mentioned something about a sweet honey blend I’ve been dying to try. Check out more about Black Sheep Burrito + Brews and don’t forget to request the street corn when you’re there. It’s off-menu but it’s a must-have!

Many thanks to Black Sheep Burrito + Brews for our complimentary meal and brewery tour.

What’s your favorite hidden gem in your hometown? Tell me all about it by tweeting me @honeyandpineco or leave your recommendations below.

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