Daylight Savings Time Reminders: 11 Biannual Home Tasks

Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend! Sunday marks the beginning of daylight savings time so it’s time for a few reminders about the biannual home tasks I recommend taking care of while you’re adjusting your clocks. Setting your clocks ahead means an extra hour of daylight and I’ve been looking forward to that since about New Year’s. Winter has been great but I’m seriously ready for the warmer weather and longer days ahead. We plan to take advantage of the longer days by spending more time hiking trails with our pup (see how we hike with our chihuahua here), working our container garden, and exploring downtown. We also plan to do more regional travel this spring which should be a lot of fun. Before we get into any of that, let’s first talk about the biannual home tasks you need to do take care of this weekend.

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To keep us organized at home we have daily, weekly, monthly, biannual, and annual chore charts. Sound crazy? I suppose it is, a little, but it keeps us on track with everything we need to do that would otherwise easily slip our minds. I’m the worst at remembering the last time I did something. I’d never even remember to change the oil in my car if it wasn’t for the little sticker they put in the corner of my windshield or my car setting off a dash alert when an oil change is due. 

11 Biannual Home Tasks to do This Weekend

While you’re adjusting your clocks this weekend and crying over the lost hour of sleep, make sure you also take care of these 11 other biannual home tasks. To go along with this list, I’ve also created a biannual home task checklist which you can get for free at the bottom of this post. πŸ™‚

  1. Set your clocks ahead by 1 hour (remember, spring forward and fall back)
  2. Change the batteries in your smoke detectors
  3. Deep clean your oven, refrigerator, and garbage disposal
  4. Clean and organize your pantry and kitchen cabinets
  5. Take inventory of your medicine cabinet and throw away expired items
  6. Flip your mattress (or rotate it if it’s a pillowtop mattress)
  7. Wash or replace your pillows
  8. Vacuum or dust your curtains and window blinds
  9. Vacuum your refrigerator coils
  10. Replace or clean all air filters 
  11. Review your home emergency kit (flashlights, batteries, can opener, first aid, etc.)

During the changing seasons is also a good time to sort through your closets, purge your wardrobe, and donate items you no longer want or need to a local charity or community organization if you can’t upcycle them or DIY them into hand towels or other useful items. 

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  1. This is such a great idea, making biannual home task lists. You provided so many good ideas, I like the idea to change the smoke alarm batteries.

  2. Doing these chores based on the time change is a great way to remember to do them! I actually just cleaned out my medicine cabinet the other day so I’m ahead of the game I guess haha.

  3. I wish I could say I have these things on my list and have begun checking them off. In reality, I’m guilty of not tackling a single one of them… Don’t think my refrigerator coils have ever gotten a cleaning–oops! But I appreciate the push in the right direction.

  4. Oh, could I go more forward than 5.30am? I am a very healthy and adventure spirit toddler mom! But my oven could use some deep cleaning. Although my pillows have been washed! πŸ™‚ Gorgeous post, full of positivity!

  5. This is a great list! I never even thought about my pillows. I don’t think they’ve been washed OR replaced in… forever! πŸ™

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