Hiking with a Small Dog Made Easy

Thank you to Pet Magasin for sponsoring this post and letting us share our love of hiking with our pup! When Brandon and I first got together one of our first dates was a bark in the park holiday event at the Huntsville Botanical Gardens in Alabama. I bought his chihuahua, Tebow, a red argyle Christmas sweater and we went down to see the lights. Tebow did ... Read the Post

From Good to Grace: Letting Go of the Goodness Gospel by Christine Hoover (Book Review)

From Good to Grace by Christine Hoover was such a blessing to my soul. The message it presents is that we don't have to earn the love that God grants to us nor do we have to earn His grace or forgiveness. His love and grace are gifts bestowed upon us simply because we are His creation. As such, we are born good enough. We don't have to carry the stress of ... Read the Post

Smart Solutions for Cleaning Dog Hair From Carpet

Every day I fight the good fight against the hair my dogs insist on leaving all around our home. It feels like I'm constantly finding tumbleweeds of dog hair in the corners of our dining room and cleaning dog hair from carpet in the bedroom. I love my dogs but sometimes I wish I'd gone with a hairless breed. ;-) From the looks of them, you'd never imagine my ... Read the Post