Snow and Cute Dog Sweaters

Did you get snow over the weekend? We were so jealous on Friday night because some parts of Atlanta got over 7-inches of snow! It barely snowed at all during the 3 years we lived there and, of course, the year we leave they get covered. We kept checking our windows hoping to see snowflakes falling but...nothing. The news said we should expect snow on ... Read the Post

Winter Rose Cocktail with Sake

Have you ever had a Sake-based cocktail? I don't drink frequently but when I do Sake and Sake-based cocktails are my favorite. I used to study Okinawa Kenpo (#funfact) and I first had Sake at the anniversary party for Sifu Carmen's new dojo. He served it warm and I loved it. I also under-estimated how strong Sake is and ended up spending far longer at the ... Read the Post

Finding Time for “Me Time” with JORD

Last weekend I finally squeezed in a little time for "me time" and I'm telling you, it felt fabulous! This year we've been so busy preparing for the holidays, preparing for my work trip back to Atlanta, and settling into our new home that finding time for "me time" has been relegated to the back burner. I haven't read nearly as many books as I'd like or ... Read the Post