A – Z Date Night Ideas to Get You Out of a Rut

It’s less than a week until Valentine’s Day! Although, this year Brandon and I won’t be doing much to celebrate it. He’s been sick and last night our dog started throwing up which also kept me up all night. I’ve been playing nursemaid for over a week and honestly, all I want for Valentine’s Day this year is a healthy family and sleep. I may bust out our breakfast in bed trays, whip up some waffles, and pile in the bed for naps and movies. That sounds like my idea of heaven right now. If I didn’t feel like my house was infested with the plague I’d be planning something more outdoorsy for the holiday because it’s supposed to be quite nice next week. I had been thinking about taking a picnic to Hawk’s Nest (a hiking area around here) but that’s obviously going to have to wait until everyone is feeling better. 

Moving on… Last year I shared two Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt ideas which were a lot of fun but this year I decided to drop a bunch of ideas in this A – Z Date Night Ideas post for you all. If you’re looking for ideas to help you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your partner, try these:

26 fabulous and affordable date night ideas for when your romance feels stuck in a rut. Ideas via Honey and Pine #datenight #datenightideas #romance #marriage

I actually printed this out so we can cross the items off of our list as we do them. It’s one of our goals for this year to get out and do more things together, even if those things don’t sound like our thing. Some of our best memories are from attending events (demolition derby) or doing things (cemetery tour) we never thought we’d enjoy.

We actually attended a demolition derby during one of our first weekends together. We were in Alabama at the time and the local fair was in town. Neither of us were really big on fairs at the time but we figured what the hell? What else were we going to do that night? When we arrived we found that they were hosting a demolition derby in the field behind the fair and since we’d never been to one we headed over and grabbed seats in the bleachers. We watched the cars crash into each other and two caught on fire. It wasn’t exactly our thing but it was certainly entertaining and gave us a memory that we still talk about. “Do you remember that night we went to the demolition derby and you…” 

In the early months of our relationship, we had a lot of weekends like that. We explored local museums, saw local theatre shows, went to festivals, and did a lot of things just because they were available to be done and we’d never done them before. Those are the kind of dates we find we enjoy most because they push us outside of our comfort zones and help us grow as individuals and as a couple. Besides, you never know what you might really enjoy.

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Looking for even more date night ideas? Check out my book, Adventuring Together: A Couples Journal and Guide to Date Night!

I’d love to hear your favorite date night ideas! Any recommendations for what we should try this year? 

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  1. What a great list! I like that they’re mostly out of the box ideas and not the same old generic ideas. I can’t wait to try some of these! My husband and I haven’t done kites in years and used to love doing that together. We’ll have to now.

  2. What fun ideas! My boyfriend and I are really active and often enjoy taking his dog for a nice long walk for a cheap and easy date night. Then we’ll go back to his place, pour a glass of wine (or beer for him), and cuddle up with a movie.

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