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57 Things to Toss (or Donate) During Spring Cleaning

Is anyone else feeling knee-deep into their spring cleaning routine right now? I mean, sure, maybe it’s just me but I have a hard time believing that I’m alone in this feeling of overwhelm right now. Brandon and I have hauled about a dozen bags of crap out of our apartment in the last week or two and it seems like everywhere I turn I spot something else in need of dusting, wiping, vacuuming, or cleaning. Just yesterday I spotted a cobweb in a corner I know I cleaned 3 days ago. 

Brandon told me I’m going crazy with the spring cleaning this year and he’s right. This is far more in-depth than I normally go each spring but I’m going with it. I did promise that April 30th will be my last spring cleaning day. That means I have about one week to do one final sweep of my home, clean the surfaces left to be cleaned, and toss any items I may have missed during my first two passes. 

This year make sure you take time during your spring cleaning routine to evaluate and toss (throw away, donate, recycle) these 57 items I'm sure you have laying around your home.

57 Things to toss during spring cleaning

Of course, when I say “toss” what I really mean is to decide whether you should throw it away, donate it, or recycle it. You do not have to literally throw each of these things in the garbage although you may find that is exactly where these things belong. 🙂 


  • Wrapping paper and gift bags that are worn out or outdated
  • Seasonal decor that is outdated or broken
  • Torn or broken toys (children or pet)
  • Empty boxes
  • Books / Textbooks / Journals
  • Product samples

Digital / Electronics

  • CDs or music that you no longer listen to or enjoy
  • Electronics or cell phones that are out of date or broken
  • Movies or videos that you no longer watch or that you have stored electronically
  • Video or board games you no longer play
  • Emails (I recommend unsubscribing in bulk using
  • SPAM email folder should be emptied
  • iTunes music or movies you no longer enjoy listening to or watching
  • Digital pictures or albums that you don’t need or have stored in an external album
  • Apps on your phone or computer
  • Contacts that you no longer need or have lost communication with
  • Texts that are old or no longer relevant
  • Subscription services you no longer use (gym, Netflix, etc)
  • Extra cords or adaptors that you don’t use


  • Bedding or sheets that are old, worn-out, stained, or no longer used
  • Pillows that are flat, stained, or no longer used
  • Towels and washcloths that are old, worn-out, stained, or frayed
  • Dish clothes or sponges that are old, stained, or used up
  • Tupperware or storage containers that are stained, warped, or missing lids/parts
  • Candles that have been used and burned up
  • Tabletop decor that is old or outdated
  • Extra cooking utensils you don’t use or don’t need
  • Gadgets that are broken or that you don’t use
  • Clothes hangers that are broken or warped
  • Expired sauces, jams, or items in your kitchen or pantry
  • Damaged cookware that you don’t use or that have scratched surfaces
  • Bath mats and rugs that are old or potentially moldy
  • Plastic shopping bags
  • Empty or mostly empty cleaning supplies
  • Out dated calendars or planners


  • Coupons or rewards that are expired
  • Magazines or junk mail that is out of date or irrelevant
  • Receipts or paperwork that are out of date or not needed
  • Cards or letters that are out of date or from people you no longer communicate with
  • Ticket stubs for old events
  • Pens, markers, or other writing tools that are dried up 
  • Old user manuals or instruction guides 
  • Travel brochures or pamphlets for destinations you’ll never revisit
  • Out dated address labels, save the date announcements, moving announcements, cards, business cards, or other paperie items that are no longer valid


  • Make-up, make-up brushes, or make-up sponges that are old and used up
  • Nail polish and accessories that are gunky, used up, or out of date
  • Skincare products or other toiletries that are used up or expired
  • Prescriptions or medications that are expired or no longer valid
  • Clothing or outerwear that is faded, ripped, stained, or out-dated
  • Socks or undergarments that are tired, worn out, stained, or have holes
  • Scarves, belts, and accessories that have holes, are stained, or worn out
  • Earrings or jewelry that are broken, missing parts, or out of style
  • Purses or luggage that are broken, stained, or no longer used
  • Sunglasses that are stretched or out of style
  • Hair ties or accessories have lost their elasticity, are broken, or that you no longer wear 
  • Shoes that are stained, have holes, or are out of style

That’s it friends! Is there anything I missed? Tweet me @ashleyfromhp!


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