50 Ways To Lift Your Spirits

50 quick and simple things you can do right this minute to lift your spirits

Over the last week I’ve had a lot to smile about.  I had a blog post go viral, made a lot of new web friends, had a great job interview that I’m feeling optimistic about and aced a big project for school.  I’ve been feeling pretty good.  I’ve also had a few frustrations but don’t we all?  Even on the best of days we all have those moments when it feels like we were just shot in the stomach with arrows.  It’s hard and in those moments it’s tough to focus on the positive and find a way to smile.  It’s been these frustrating moments lately that led me to compile this list for you; a list of 50 ways to lift your spirits.  

How to Lift Your Spirits

1.  Write a letter to someone special in your life.  Focus on all of the positive and happy ways they have influenced your life.

2. Host at in-home comedy movie night.  Be sure to include snacks and indulge!

3. Hold a cocktail tasting party with a friend.  Mix and test new-t0-you cocktails.

4. Go out for dessert and indulge.  Chocolate is a mood booster!

5. Experiment with aromatherapy.

6. Turn out all of the lights and enjoy an evening by candlelight.

7. Visit a florist and choose a bright mood-boosting bouquet.

8. Take a bath complete with bubbles and body oils.  Bonus if you play music and use candles.

9.  Cuddle!   With your husband, your dog, etc.

10.  Get a massage.

11. Get a facial or other skin treatment.

12. Attend a wine or beer tasting.

13.  Picnic outdoors to watch the sunset.

14. Take a scenic drive with the windows down and the radio off.

15. Have a morning brunch picnic.

16. Go horseback riding and connect with a new animal friend.

17. Read Psalms and connect with God.

18. Retail therapy!  Go shopping and purchase one new indulgence for yourself.

19. Sleep in an hour past your regular wake-up time.

20. Read a new book.

21. Meditate or pray for at least 20 minutes.

22. Write in a diary, journal or blog.  Release your feelings.

23. Write down what is bothering you and then burn it.

24. Go for a long walk.

25. Go dancing.

26. Take a new class (art, ceramics, dancing, cooking, etc)

27. Go to a comedy show and embrace the giggles.

28. Listen to new genres of music.

29. Get a makeover at a department or cosmetic store and try out a new look.

30. Go OUT with your new look.

31.  Talk to a stranger.

32. Volunteer at an animal shelter to either walk dogs or cuddle cats.

33. Attend a new community event.

34. Practice photography by taking photos of things you find beautiful.

35. Create a “look book” by collecting photos of things you find beautiful or inspirational.

36. Visit an art museum and study different artistic styles.

37. Print and organize photos.

38. Clean and throw away anything old, outdated or depressing.

39. Act like a tourist in your city and go sightseeing.

40. Armchair travel by viewing photos and videos of foreign locations.

41. Create a list of goals (both short-term and long-term)

42. Cook a favorite comfort food.

43. Go to the gym, go for a run or otherwise work-out.

44. Make a list of 10 things for which you are grateful.

45. Fictionalize your feelings through a character in a short story.

46. Try out a new physical activity (martial arts, rock climbing, hiking, swimming, etc).

47. Hold a scary movie marathon with a friend.  Bonus points if it’s on a dark and stormy night!

48. Count to 5 and do something you’ve been too afraid to do.  Make that phone call, send that e-mail, ask that question, take the plunge.

49. Mail 3 “thinking of you” cards to people on your Christmas card mailing list.  Thinking of those who make us happy and doing something to life their spirits is shown to improve moods.

50. Find a life quote, commit it to memory and develop a plan to live accordingly.  My life quote?  “God is within her; she will not fall” Psalm 46:5

What about you?  Any tips you particularly love?  Anything you would add to the list to encourage others?

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