5 Reasons to Use Pretty Darn Cute Design for Your Blog Theme

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Hi friends! I want to share a bit about Pretty Darn Cute Design with you today because I am in love with their blog themes. In fact, if you’ve been around Far Beyond Love for a while you may recognize the Pretty Happy theme from a previous look. 

I’ve had a few new blogger friends ask about blog themes (and I guess they come to me because I’m known to switch it up so often? Maybe?). They’ll ask about which designers I’d recommend, which features to look for, and about customization options. There are a couple of places I recommend for themes but one of my favorites, especially for female lifestyle bloggers, is Pretty Darn Cute Design.

The themes from Pretty Darn Cute Design all require the Genesis Framework (which I talk about here along with instructions to help you install it on WordPress). Before you buy a Pretty Darn Cute Design theme, make sure you have the Genesis Framework installed, otherwise you’ll receive error messages when you try to add your theme. 

Why Use Pretty Darn Cute Design?

There are a lot of other theme designers out there to choose from if you’re looking to change it up. As I mentioned earlier, I have a list of others on my resources page and you can also find great ones on Etsy and Creative Market. Please don’t take this post as saying Pretty Darn Cute Design is the only or the best designer out there but rather as a simple endorsement based on past experiences with their company. Now, why do I recommend them?

They are pretty darn cute!

Well, for one, the themes are pretty darn cute! If you’re trying to build a brand known for being feminine, bright, and creative they have great options. The themes are all eye-catching and offer layouts that allow you to highlight your content while also providing widgets to display your social media icons, email newsletter subscription forms, and your navigation options. With their themes you’ll have the best of good looks and functionality.

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They are easily customizable

I’ve had a few themes that make it so hard to customize the header, layout, widgets, and colors. I’ve had themes keep me up til the wee hours of the morning in tears because it’s so slow or cumbersome to navigate and figure out. I mean, I work in software so I don’t expect to have trouble doing something as simple as adjusting a home page layout. Pretty Darn Cute Design makes it super easy even if you don’t consider yourself a techie person. 

Clear set-up instructions and knowledge base

There is nothing I hate more with digital products than making a purchase and not being able to easily get support if I have a question or need help. One of the things I always look for when I make a purchase online is how easily I can get in touch with the designer, design team, or other method of support and help. Pretty Darn Cute Design has a knowledge base you can access online which includes theme set-up instructions and a lot of other how-to tutorials about plugins, thumbnails, widgets, and other stuff you may need to know. I’ve found the answer I need there about 90% of the time. On the rare occasion I’ve needed to submit a support ticket I’ve received a response within 24 hours (usually much faster) which is pretty great to me.

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You can get extra support and tutorials

Pretty Darn Cute Design also offers what they refer to as the TADA workshop which allows you to join as a member and receive tutorials to help you learn how to customize your blog or website. TADA teaches you how to change your fonts, how to use ftp, create your own widget area, and a ton more. There are also exclusive discounts and freebies which makes it even better. It’s a one-stop shop for blogging basic and intermediate skills so if you’re a beginner it’s a great resource to have in your pocket. It’s an extra membership fee so it’s not included in the cost of the theme but it’s worth the investment.

24-hour setup and installation

If you’re new to blogging or if you just don’t have the time to install and setup the theme yourself (and who can blame you since most of us do have a million things demanding our time each day?) you can hire Pretty Darn Cute Design to install and setup the theme for you (it’s not included in the cost of the theme). The 24-hour setup includes:

  • Installation of Your Theme
  • Changing the colors of the theme to match your brand
  • Changing of fonts – Google fonts only
  • Adding your existing logo to the header space
  • Setup is complete within 24 hours

Pretty Darn Cute Design is definitely one of my favorite go-to sources on the internet for WordPress blog themes, especially if you want to keep a light and feminine aesthetic. Their themes are beautiful but functional and include plenty of widget space which you’ll soon realize is extremely important! I’d love to know which theme is your favorite (since I used the Pretty Happy theme before I’m voting for that one!). You can view all of the theme options here.

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