How to Clean Your House During the Holidays

One of the things I don’t share as often as I should is how to clean your home and my cleaning routine. Brandon and I are both a little obsessive about cleanliness so I’m not sure why I haven’t shared more about it. The people that know us IRL know how obsessive we can be and it’s one of the things that stresses me the most during the holidays.

I have a very consistent cleaning schedule which includes laundry every other day and cleaning the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry every Sunday. I’m a stickler for my schedule and almost never break routine but the holidays throw me off every year. Suddenly, there are holiday parties, mandatory work travel, family get together’s, and company traveling in and needing a place to stay. Meanwhile, we’re also trying to decorate and finish holiday shopping. It can become so overwhelming that cleaning gets pushed further down the to-do list and I start feeling frantic. Fortunately, I’ve learned to master the art of how to clean in 5-minute tasks.

The 30 5-minute tasks listed below are my favorite go-to items during the holidays. I can always find 5-minutes in my day to do a couple of these here and there so I feel like I’m on top of the to-do list or, at the very least, not falling too far behind.

how to clean home in 5 minutes

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While I may miss my Sunday kitchen clean-out or resort to store-bought cleaning agents (like my favorite all-purpose cleaner) rather than making my own I do at least know my home is mostly put-together. Any company is tended to, toiletries are stocked, and the dog hair is vacuumed up off the floor. If that’s all that gets done in a day I’ve learned to be ok with it during this otherwise super busy season.

Have you any 5-minute tasks to add to the list? Leave them below and be sure to pin this to your cleaning boards! 

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