31 Blog Post Writing Prompts for the Days You’re Uninspired

I’ve been accused, on multiple occasions, of being manic. Sometimes my mind gets stuck on a topic and suddenly it just goes crazy with a million offshoot ideas and before I know it I’ve filled up two or three full notebooks with blog post ideas. It’s amazing for mind mapping but it overwhelms people I know IRL because they can’t follow the insanity. It goes on for 30 or 60 minutes, then it’s over. The major benefit? I never run out of blog post writing prompts. Never.

Unfortunately, a lot of bloggers aren’t the same way.

I see bloggers all the time writing about how they are so uninspired. Friends, that bums me out so I decided to do something about it and share a few of the items from my journals to get you back on the track. I have Jack White playing on my iTunes (Missing Pieces, anyone?) and I’m ready.

Ready for Writing Prompts? Here you go…

  1. Share a marriage lesson you learned from your parents and how it has impacted your own relationship.
  2. Tell me about the best piece of advice anyone ever gave you and how you apply it to your life.
  3. What is one goal you pursued and failed to accomplish? What lessons did you learn?
  4. Let us in on a current favorite. Share a craft, recipe, book, etc.
  5. Share a story about bullying. Were you bullied? Has a friend/family member been bullied? Were you once a bully? Talk and share insights into the experience.
  6. How do you keep your blog organized? What are your tips for organizational success?
  7. Where would you go on your dream vacation? What steps should I take to plan a dream vacation?
  8. Share a personal story about someone you view as a mentor. Why are they important to you? Why do you think mentors are important?
  9. If you could donate $10,000 to a charity, which charity would you donate to and why?
  10. What makes you feel beautiful?
  11. How do you make “Me” time in your busy schedule? Why is it important?
  12. Go pro blogger. Share your favorite plugins, design tips, fonts, themes, platform, etc.
  13. Tell me about the best year of your life. What happened? Why was it so special? Is there any life lesson you could teach me?
  14. Talk money. What is the biggest financial lesson you’ve ever learned?
  15. What was your dream job when you were younger? Why didn’t you pursue it?
  16. Share a time you overcame fear and faced a situation with bravery. How can others confront a similar uncomfortable situation?
  17. What is your morning routine? Do you start with meditation or prayer? Do you exercise or do yoga? Any quick breakfast tips or recipes?
  18. What quality do you love most about your spouse? How can others cultivate that quality in themselves?
  19. Share the top 10 (15? 25?) top played songs or albums on your iTunes.
  20. What is your favorite social media network? Why do you love it? Share any tips you have for success with it.
  21. Recommend other blogs in your niche. Tell your readers, “If you love me, you might also like…” and recommend a couple of your favorite blogger friends.
  22. Share a TBT of your worst fashion mistakes (and triumphs!)
  23. Tell us a road trip story! What happened? How could it have been better?
  24. Flashback to previous relationships and offer a couple of relationship tips. What did you learn from them? How did they help you grow as a person?
  25. What sets your heart on fire? What are you passionate about? Introduce me to your passion and tell me how you discovered your passion for it.
  26. Be vulnerable and talk about any pressure you feel to conform or be perfect. How do you combat it?
  27. Offer tips for screen-free time and bonding as a family. How can you spend time together without being online?
  28. Tell me how I could enjoy time outdoors during this season. Is it warm outside? Talk about picnics or parks. Is it cold outside? Maybe share holiday festivals.
  29. Show a little app love. What apps on your iPhone or tablet are your must-haves? Why do you love them? Why should I download them?
  30. Share a photo series. Highlight the best of your Instagram or recap your weekend in photos.
  31. What’s the toughest part of being an adult? Offer life tips.
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There you have it friends! 31 prompts to help you get through your next month of blogging! Not a blogger yet? Well, then you can use those prompts to get started. 

Struggling to come up with new blog post ideas? I have you covered today on Honey and Pine with 31 blog post ideas for those days you're feeling uninspired. #blogging #blogposts #blogideas #content #blogcontent

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